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heart day.

I love tea and I kind of like Valentines day (Mainly I love/miss elementary school Valentine card exchange and my "mail" boxes were awesome). oh and I love DIY. So here we go. 
I'm pretty sure these heart shaped tea bags would be cute all year round, but especially for a little Valentines cup 'o tea. 

what you will need....
- scissors
- paper (white, red and/or any patterned paper you like)
- cotton string
- sewing needle and natural-color thread
- lightweight cotton muslin
- heart-shaped paper punch
- glue stick (or any craft glue)
- loose tea (you can buy this or make your own)
- pen

1. Cut a 2.5″ square of cardboard, fold in half and cut half a heart shape against the fold to create a symmetrical heart template. Use the template to trace and cut heart shapes out of the muslin fabric.

2. Take two muslin hearts and stitch them together using the needle and cotton thread. Start at the bottom point of the heart and work your way around the edge, making your stitches very close together to prevent leakage. Stop stitching when you have just sewn past the second hump of the top of the heart, and leave the thread and needle hanging.

3. Fill the heart with about 1 tablespoon of loose tea, gently tapping the heart to settle and pack the tea inside. Pinch the heart shut with your fingers and sew the remainder of the edge to close up the heart pouch. Cut loose thread.
4. Thread the needle with the cotton string and pull through the center of the top of the heart. Make a knot to secure the thread to the teabag.
5. Cut a 0.5″ x 1.5″ rectangle out of paper and fold in half to make your tea tag. Write a cute note inside, or label with the type of tea. Poke the needle through the center of the tag fold and double knot the thread to secure the tag on the thread. Cut loose string.
6. Repeat all steps to make more teabags.

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