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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
Mark Twain

In a few short weeks I will be twenty-two. I have to say I'm pretty stoked to pass the twenty-one mark. This past year has been very good to me, but I am more than ready to say goodbye. Even though it means a year also means a year closer to whatever and wherever I wish to be. (I don't know if that makes any sense, but it my mind it works.) 

Growing up I had this dream of how college and post-college would play out. Traveling abroad for a year, immediately finding my dream job (I lived in a fantasy land obviously) and living out on my own. For those of you that know me, it hasn't quite happened as I had planned. Life happened and I took a few detours, but I do not regret a single one. 
As the end of March gets closer and closer I have decided to create a "to do" list (I love lists -  almost more than I love crossing things off my to do list) via heirloom of all the things I would like to accomplish before the big three-zero. The hope is to make the list as attainable, yet life altering as I can. 

I hope you enjoy and please, feel free to chime in with fun ideas. (insert corny yet inspirational saying) The sky is the limit!

So to begin....

to do list.

numero uno. 
Put a stamp (or a few) in my non-existent passport. (the first step will have to be actually getting a passport, but thats easy peasy) I don't care where...although if I could be picky I would love to go somewhere in Africa or South America. 

Anyone want to be my travel buddy?


  1. How is it that someone with as good of taste as you, and seemingly well-cultured has not traveled the world? You've seriously never been out of the country? That's astounding!

    I love that you added a photo of Machu Picchu. That's probably #1 on my list of places I want to see.

    As for life getting in the way of dreams. Sadly that's just the way it goes most of the time. That said, I'm at that place where I realize I'm still young enough and without responsibilities, that I must jump at every opportunity I get to travel.

    That's exactly how my upcoming trip to Haiti occurred. I was asked to go, and without a single thought about bosses and vacation time, etc., I just said "yes." For all the struggles working for yourself brings, flexibility is the greatest benefit.

  2. i am constantly looking at English teaching positions across south america, just to poke the wanderlust fire thats always kind of burning in me. i think that realizing that your post-graduation plans don't always pan out is an important part of living the post-graduation part of your life.

    consider teaching english if you do go abroad, even if its as a volunteer for a few weeks or months. you'll get to make some incredible human connections.

    looking out over machu picchu one day is on my to do list, too.

  3. Thanks for the ideas! I am excited to see where life takes me! Hopefully somewhere out of the country soon-ish. I'll have to look into teaching english...