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Okay, so I hope that I didn't talk up my Boston vacation photos too much. I kind of took the anti-tourist route, and didn't snap too many shots. I have to say as nervous as I was to travel alone for five days....I LOVED it. Now don't get me wrong, it is a lot more fun to go to Hawaii or backpacking around Europe with a plus one or two, but this quick trip was perfect as a solo. I was able to do what I love, drive around until I get lost, grab a cup of coffee and walk around to my hearts content. 
Here we go.
This is why I enjoy early morning flights.

Dear saved me numerous times 
and kept me company, you and your sexy Australian accent.
Faneuil Hall Marketplace, fun touristy area. 
Also houses Cheers pub numero dos. Unfortunately I missed out on that one. 

Boston State House. Gorgeous, and so amazing 
to see among all the towering skyscrapers.

 Being a bit of a history/architecture nerd... 
Massachusetts seemed to feed my disease and I appreciated it completely. 

It was a perfect weekend for sailing...

 Then off to Williamstown, MA to visit my friend Sara. 
Gorgeous! (The town and my friend)

While traveling taste the local cuisine as often as possible.

Couldn't help myself...a little taste of Oregon on the East Coast. 
"**Meets the humane farm animal care program standarts, which include nutritional diet without antibiotics or hormones. Animals raised with shelter, resting area, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors."

Next stop Smith College. 
Should have taken more pics but I would have stood out more than I wanted too. 
I guess you will just have to wait until I go to grad school (fingers crossed).

 Back for my last day in Boston, spent leisurely roaming around town.
The one picture I took of myself.
 It's almost like I was actually there. hehe.

Beacon Hill. My future home.

Moral of the story. I had an amazing time, seriously debated missing my flight. 
Wishing, hoping, and praying that I will be back in Massachusetts next year!

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