make time for.


as we go on.

So this past weekend I flew down to Orange County, California. Within 2 hours of getting off the plane, I was sitting next to a pool getting my tan on. I could not have been happier. Put together Disneyland, sushi, an Angels game, lounging by the pool, amazing art at the Getty in LA and my favorite people in the world (with margaritas in hand) get one happy Kelsey. 


Angels game. beer + sports = big smile.

 and my favorite...graduation.

mother, sister, father.


My California mom, a.k.a. Kelley's mom Stacey that I have adopted. Unfortunately my California Dad, Dennis didn't join in our photo fun!

only in Southern California would a church look like this...

Had to finish with this 90's favorite. Who doesn't love a little Vitamin C.
(Please keep a watch out for the hacky sack)

Only a few more days and I will be returning for a wedding! Now all I have to decide is what to wear! argh!

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