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summer is here.

Please take a second and let me list the wonderfull-ness of Friday. 

numero uno. My boss gave me the joyous news that my position is no longer is permanent. I'm pretty sure I would have cried if she hadn't stuck around for so long. Best news ever. For the past few months an ulcer has been brewing, while I waited to hear if I would in fact keep my job. As of Friday, ulcer gone.

numero dos. I snuck out of work early to go to Zoo Brew. For the past few weeks I had been badgering all of my friends into buying tickets to this event. Had never been, but how can you go wrong with the Oregon Zoo, 20+ breweries to taste and live music? Zoo Brew...complete success.(If you are in the Portland area, you must go next year. I will be there!) Best way to kick off the summer, and to top it all of it was the most beautiful 80 degree day ever.

numero tres. This weekend made up for the rainiest and dreariest spring I have ever seen, and marked five days until my favorite people come and visit me!!! Kelley and Paul....I know you think it rains all the time in the Northwest...I promise you it does not. Get ready for some hot shorts weather. 

Here are a few iPhone pics from Zoo Brew.

Another great thing about the Oregon Zoo, you can bring your own food. 
Friday's menu: homemade red pepper hummus, pita chips, fruit salad, cucumber salad and, well, beer. Too bad we were busy having beer glass races to realize that the elephant ear stand closed. Next year I suppose.

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