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out of doors.

This past week I went camping with a few of my friends that I have known since the days of jumpers. It was fantastic. Even though it was a short trip, it was so nice to get out of the city and stare in awe of beautiful Oregon. Our first day was a little gloomy and very cold, but the next morning we woke up to a cloudless sky and a beautiful view of Mount Hood.

Remember those days when you complained to your parents every time you went camping, because pitching a tent seemed to take FOREVER. This puppy went up in less then 10 minutes. I have no idea why I ever complained. 

"Camp gin and tonics." The only way to go.

The first night, Sara quickly mastered the art of a campfire. 
The next took Diana and I about 45 minutes. A wee bit of a fail.

How amazing is that view?

Timothy Lake, Oregon

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