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reality bites.

Oops! All the sudden it is September, and I have become a bit of an Heirloom slacker. I've realized these past few weeks that the next year will be the year of learning how to balance my life. I have always been the crazy girl who tries to cram every little thing I can into my day. Leaving not a whole lot of free time. It works for me, and it still does....but the last few weeks I have realized that I no longer just have class assignment deadlines, work and volunteer deadlines. I now get to add personal deadlines to this joyous life equation. Hello the reality of adulthood...and the need to not procrastinate. 

Tumblr_lfte8wk6em1qe3m9lo1_500_largeApplying to graduate school was so much fun when I was just researching schools and talking about it. The application process, well to be blunt, it blows. I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard then write eight pages about myself. However the reality of my situation is that without a graduate degree I will be making a little above nada. Can you say motivation? 

So to sum up my pity party....blogging will be slowing down for the next few months (not that it didn't hit the brakes in August). I definitely want to keep on bloggin' during this little period of chaos. Heirloom gives me a chance to wind down, and organize all the prettiness into one place (which is oh so lovely). Wish me luck! 

p.s. Is it just me or did September just pop up out of nowhere. Hello my favorite season. 

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