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happy place.

In an an attempt to soak up my favorite season, I have been out galavanting around Oregon. First stop - the Fruit Loop in Hood River, Oregon. 
Gorgeousness! We picked up a small load of apples for baking and canning, both turned out delicious. 

Shortly after I trekked to Cannon Beach with the mother for a desperately needed weekend away from the city and work. 

Never have I ever been to the beach, in late October and experienced this kind of beautiful weather. Cold to the bone, but sunny with blue skies all weekend long. The day's were filled with beach walks, yummy seafood and shopping. While the evenings consisted of wine, a warm fireplace and some fun flicks. Perfection.

Quickly followed by breakfast with some of my longtime fav's.
If you are ever in North Portland, check out Helser's and devour the crumpet and egg sandwich - egg's, bacon, tomato and chèvre. 
Fancy cheese makes everything taste better.

I swear fall went by in the blink of an eye this year. 
Could I please get a few more weeks before winter hits?

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