make time for.


one year.

Dear friend,
I can't believe that heirloom has been going on for one full year. If I could have chosen another year to do this I probably would have (it's been a difficult one), and it makes me laugh to think of my first blog post - I was in my college library, supposedly writing one of numerous research papers I had as an overloaded second semester senior, and instead I was creating a blog. Silly Kelsey (I blame a lot of this on this lady). On top of that I expected myself to keep it up while finding a job, working a full-time job, volunteering, and applying to graduate school (If you are a close friend of mine, you probably realize this is my M.O.). 

I won't lie when I started this blog I was daydreaming of that ridiculously large blog following, and at times I have been a little discouraged. However I realized about half-way through this experience, that as long as I went at my own pace, and I was happy and pleased with what I posted...the stats don't really matter (don't get me wrong I still check them from time to time). Heirloom is a collection of what I love and admire, on top of that it has turned into a bit of a therapeutic experience. This little blog of mine helps to beautify a little bit of my not so pretty social work world. My job is heavy and stressful, and heirloom - a breath of fresh air. I hope you (my sweet, sweet follower) share this sentiment and continue to add to the beauty of my heirloom. 



  1. I love your blog. It's truly one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Kate! I need to get back on the bloggin' wagon. This past month has been a crazy one, and I need some normalcy.