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globe trotter-ish.

Although I have been flying around since I was 13 I feel that it is now, at age 213/4 that I am officially a traveler. Within the last ninety days I have purchased three, count them, three roundtrip tickets. No none of them require a passport but I am just as excited. I'm pretty sure the woman sitting next to me in Ristretto Roasters was a little worried, as I squealed like a six year old on Christmas morning while hitting the purchase button. 

Trip numero uno will occur in just a few short weeks...destination Bean Town A.K.A. Boston, Massachusetts. Checking out a few potential grad schools, spending some quality time with my beautiful friend Sara AND strolling around Boston! 5 days 'o fun. I will be riding solo most of the time, which I am admittedly a little nervous about but mostly stoked. It will be a grand time. 

Trip numero dos y tres will be in my old stomping grounds of Orange County. Two weekends in a row of soaking up some sun, grabbing my college diploma and watching a close friend marry the love of her life. 

Can you tell how excited I am?!?!

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