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Fun factoid: I kill every plant I own, exception to the rule...succulents.
I love plants and greenery, however, I do not seem to have a green thumb. When I saw this I just new...perfect excuse to find more fun succulents. 

- Portland cement
- Water
- Vermiculite, peat moss, perlite, gravel or rock (one part cement and four parts anything else)
- Gloves
- Food containers
- Plastic bucket
- Shovel
- 9 x 12 inch piece plexiglass (one for each container you plan to make)
- Needle-nose pliers
- Box cutter
- Sandpaper
- Succulents
- Potting soil

1. Collect recycled food packaging for molds. Wash them and match up a similar large mold with a smaller mold; for instance, an 8 oz yogurt container in a 32 oz yogurt container.
2. Combine the dry cement mixture in a plastic bucket. Use gloves when mixing to keep your hands clean.
3. Slowly add water a little bit at a time as if you were making dough, and mix with a shovel (be sure to wash shovel immediately after mixing). Add the last part of water especially slowly. the mixture should be the consistency of peanut butter. The mixture should eventually clump in your fist and hold its shape.
4. Transfer a portion of the mixture to one of your recycled containers. Tap the container on your workspace to make sure the mixture settles in until the top is flat and even.
5. Push a smaller container into the larger one. Put any displaced cement mixture back in the bucket. 
6. Place the plexiglass on top and flip over. Move the container back and forth to get the top nice and flat. Let dry for at least 24 hours.
7. To remove the molds, tear off the outside mold if it is paper or use a box cutter to carefully cut off plastic molds. Pull out the inside mold with pliers.
8. Sand the edges smooth, taking necessary safety precautions (goggles, mask, etc.) Let dry for at least 48 hours.
9. To create drainage, drill holes in bottom.
10. Plant a succulent and enjoy!

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