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It's amazing how just the little things can brighten your day. After a four hour meeting at work, where I sipped on coffee and ate way too much food in order to stay awake. I returned to my desk ready to go home...however it was only 12:30. So I decided to do a couple mindless things like check the stats on my blog (I know I'm special, but c'mon people we all do it) and check my e-mail. Result: stats up and a lovely e-mail from Sara of A Trice of Life. This girl not only has an awesome blog, but she is by far the best commenter. I like, many other bloggers tend to pass through each one of our favorite blogs, and never think twice about leaving a comment. Not because we don't like what we see, but primarily because we are lazy (or is it just me). Sara on the other hand seems to leave me a few snippets of joy each week. If I could hug you somehow online each time, I would. Hope that doesn't creep you out Sara.

anyways, getting to the point...Sara gave me this puppy! Needless to ego was boosted. (side note: I'm pretty sure no one has ever called me stylish before...not even my mother.)

So there are some responsibilities that come along with this little guy, and they are {1} thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. {2} reveal seven things about yourself. {3} bestow the award on ten great bloggers you have recently discovered. {4} contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

here we go...
1. I am a grandma. Not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it. Since high school (maybe even middle school behind my back) I have been called "grandma".  I learned to knit when I was middle school, and love love love it. As much as my friends may tease me, they can't deny the fact that they love receiving hand made scarves and hats from me. My next adventure...crocheting. I want to make this little gem.

on second thought, they may call me grandma because I drive a saaweet volvo station wagon

2. I have grown up with cats my whole life. Love 'em but it's puppy time. This little guy needs to go on some adventures with moi!
wemaranars. so stinkin' cute.

3. This may not be a revelation but I am a bit of a foodie. I love going out to new restaurants (with friends and drinks!) and at times trying things out at home. Unfortunately I bake more at home than cook...I tend to be less adventures when cooking for one.

4. My feet are too big for my body. (At least I think so) They were size nine by 8th grade. Just imagine the awkward middle school dances.

5. I have this epic list of all the places I would like to travel. Traveling with friends and family is amazing, however I have come to realize that traveling by yourself is not half bad. I recently made a promise to myself that once a year I would take a few days for a short trip by myself. A great way to clear my mind and see places at your own pace and in your own way. 

6. I smile at all the awkward moments. I can't help myself. I've had numerous people who don't know me as well come up to me and ask "what are you smiling about?" and then I end up smiling more. You brought it on yourself people.

7. Wine and I get along quite well. I love trying new wines, especially in new places with people that I love. I have also found that a glass of good wine is the best way to get to know someone. Bloggers of bar date or better yet, wine tasting tour?

And my favorite ten...

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  1. Way to represent the grandma, I too have received flack for my choice of hobbies, though my friends/family choose phrases more aligned with spinster, but I still LOVE my old maid ways.