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happy branding.

Just discovered the LA based online lifestyle magazine, Collected. One word: awesomesauce. I am so in awe of their simple and beautifully styled magazine. I wish I could keep a copy on my coffee table. Anywho, one article caught my attention in particular. The Official Manufacturing Company, conveniently based in Portland, was featured in their first issue! I have constantly been impressed with OMFG's work (yes, clever coincidence), they have done projects such as the branding of the Ace Hotels (which I have promised myself would be a staycation spot before I go off to grad school) and Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Hit two birds with one stone ladies and gents, check out Collected's sweet style and OMFG!

My favorite excerpt from Collected's interview: 
There is a vibe and DIY ethos that seems to radiate from Portland. What do you think makes it such a creative hub? There is a sense of community in Portland that you don't find everywhere. Lots of young and broke creatives trying to make something of themselves, set on a rainy backdrop of some of the most beautiful places in the country. We have amazing food, an incredible music scene and an affordable standard of living...Or maybe it's just in the water. 
true that OMFG, true that.

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