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Originally I had nothing big planned for this past weekend...but things quickly changed. I was asked last minute to puppy sit in White Salmon, Washington (For those of you who are not from the Northwest, White Salmon is just across the river from Oregon). I have always loved the drive from Portland to the Gorge. The view changes so dramatically,it's hard to believe you are only an hour away from the city.

As soon as I took the pups for a walk...
I started up the grill, popped open some sauvignon blanc and slipped off my shoes. 

 I was in such awe of this view. It just became more and more beautiful! 

Olli...the cutest labradoodle. Who loves him some rainbow sandals.

 Mt. Hood.

I love the city, but I could definitely get use to this view.

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  1. how pretty! love a good road trip... even if it's a small one. it's like hitting the re-set button