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The last few weeks since making the decision to move to Boston has been a complete blur. I have been busily trying to get every detail in place, while spending as much time with my family and friends as possible. Needless to say I have not had a whole lot of "me time" to really sit down and let everything soak in...and to be completely honest, that is probably a good thing. 

I am already a bit of a mess. My emotions have taken the better of me this last week, every day trying to keep my tears to a minimum as I say goodbye to people that have done nothing but love and encourage me on a daily basis. I cannot thank you enough. The decision to move was not an easy one - I love the community of people I have surrounded myself with and I also am head over heels in love with Portland.Yet at the same time I know that what I have waiting for me in Boston will be an amazing and life changing experience, even if just for a few years. 

A friend sent this short video to me this evening...I started balling. (Just to give you more insight of my lack of emotional control...I tear up while watching Folger Christmas commercials - you can only imagine my complete inability to hold back the tears when I have something real to be sad about.) And on that note. Enjoy. 

see ya'll in Boston!

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  1. You are going to have so much fun in Boston! I know Portland will miss you, but Boston will love you! Already wanting to visit :)