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I am apologizing in advance for extreme amount of photography I am throwing your way, but it is a much simpler way of describing the chaotic-ness of this past month. I am glad to say that as of right now I am much more sane, relaxed and excited about my new adventure. And so it begins...

A few weeks before I made my move I had the pleasure of spending a few days with some of my favorite people. My California trip can be summed up by the following...

Coffee. Food. Food. Coffee. 

Sweet love. 
Check out more photos of my new favorite married couple at Color Me Rad.



Food again. 

Then I returned to Portland and the reality of moving across the country hit me like a brick wall. I tried to keep it together by soaking up as much of Portland as I possibly could.
Wandering around the Pearl. 

Pottery painting with the mom and sis. 

Delicious food. 

Then I was off. The people at PDX probably thought I had lost it. Little to no sleep the night before and an emotional goodbye leads to KO tearing up through security, and continuing throughout a five hour flight. Get it together. 

 One of the best parts of my move was knowing that I had a friend to greet me. Sara. You are a lifesaver. My first night in Boston I was greeted with a few too many G + T's...but just the right amount of fun. 

I am glad to say my things all arrived in one piece...just barely though. 

(anyone want to send me a new Portland mug?)

My first piece of mail!

Of course I couldn't wait too long to find a piece of home. 

My baby arrived all in one piece. 

 After way too many trips to Target and IKEA within a seven day period, I saved this weekend as a time to explore. I hopped on the T (AKA the Subway) and made my way to the Back Bay area of Boston. (I am a lover of all things Brownstone so this area is most definitely a fav). Block after block of Brownstones, old historic churches, yummy restaurants...and wait Starbucks? Yes it is true. Dunkin' Donuts is a bit of a "disease" over on the East Coast. I apologize for all you lovers of the "cheap and quick" coffee...I am not one of them. I wish I could get a little Stumptown, but tracking down a Starbucks will do. 

Trinity Church

Boston Public Library/Subway stop.

Boston Common - Best park ever. 

Looking forward to sharing even more of my new adventure as it continues! 

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