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the lady has a desk.

I am now a proud owner of what I would call a "big girl desk". I was lucky enough to receive an old kitchen table for free a few years ago that had been stored away ever since. I knew it would come in handy some day. My pops volunteered to paint it just days before I headed out to the East Coast, although he had some doubts about my color choice. I on the other hand LOVE it. And on top of all that it fit perfectly in the back of my Volv - meant to be. Anywho after almost two months of a desk with no chair I finally broke down and bought one from IKEA. Not the style I had imagined at first, but it is the most comfortable and sweet little chair. Makes working from home a little more fun? Now that I have a complete desk, I need a little something to help de-clutter and provide a bit of inspiration. 

My happy little turquoise desk.

What to do, what to do.... 

Not sure how this would work over a desk, but I love a sweet string of lights. 

Help me choose!


  1. this is a little late, but do I see little blue swedish horses on the diamond-overlayed corkboard? i vote for that one. if you're really trying to de-clutter (which doesn't look that necessary from the picture you posted), maybe the one with the silver shelf would actually create the most space, though? Silver shelves also seem like a good investment, because they'd be something that could be reused again in future designs. anyway, point is, i love you and i hope you and sara string some of those lights with clothes pins all around your house and that I get to be in one of the pictures on the line. love you!! xoxox

    1. Love you too Annika. Of course you would spot the little swedish horses. Still trying to decide but I like the cork board too. Sparkly lights and pictures of SKADA are definitely a must!