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The DIY continues...
Ever since I moved, all of my jewelry has been place in one cereal bowl, un-happily tangled together. I was in desperate need of some organization that didn't take up the counter space, that I don't have. I found this little gem on Pinterest and decided to work my magic. One trip to Michaels later and voila. 

-needlepoint cloth
-embroidery hoop
-acrylic paint
-t pins

Paint, clear coat, or go au natural with the embroidery hoops. I chose a fun orange that will hopefully "fun" up my white white walls. 

Trace the styrofoam with the hoop you will be using for necklaces and cut it with a knife so it fits snuggly inside the hoop. For those of you that struggle to cut in a straight line, don't worry, no one sees the back. 

Add the fabric to each hoop making it as tight as possible. Then add the styrofoam to the back of the necklace hoop. The earrings do not need foam as they can simply hang from the fabric. You may want to hot glue the edge of the fabric to the foam or insides of hoop. 

So simple! And as you can tell from the pictures won't be too long until I will need a third hoop. 

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