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summer update.

This summer I have perfected the stay-cation, and I am quiet alright with that. Boston is an adventure all on its own. Whether it is the North End (Boston's own little Italy - filled with cannolis and guidos) or Harvard square (where I can creep on all the tourists and look smart). Here are a few snippets of my new love. 

harvard square. people watching galore. 

a little patriotism in the midst of downtown crossing, not to be confused with downton crossing. It happens people. 

tend to return to the Charles River quite often, I have a big thing for sail boats. You can also always find a perfect spot to spread out, soak up some sun and read. As my co-worker so bluntly told me after I shared my weekend highlights, "Isn't that what everyone does in Portland? Hang out in parks, drink home brews and listen to The Shins?". I suppose I fit into that stereotype just a little bit.

boston common. 

boston public library. 

mecca. I have been searching for good coffee (aka pdx coffee) since I moved here. When I spotted this sign I practically jumped with joy. Unfortunately the usual sighting of west coast hipsters were not found inside, but that's okay. The coffee made up for it. 

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  1. Hey!! We have the same shoes :) Lovin' all the pics