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one month.

This past weekend marked my month in the beautiful city of Boston. It is still incredibly surreal and I am not sure when it will really hit me that I now live on the East coast (say what?). I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked the question, "why did you move here?". I smile every time. 

One of the more significant events of the last 30 days has been my trip to the DMV. Yes it was significant. I have been putting it off the inevitable since I moved here, but unfortunately with the "funny" laws they have in Boston, I have to be a resident to park my car pretty much anywhere. So I broke down and went to the DMV. Let's just say it was a rough trip. My Oregon drivers license is now shredded and replaced with a silly MA license. My Oregon license plates have been pried off my Volv and have been replaced with what has to be the most boring plates in all 50 states. I am probably the only person to have teared up at the DMV purely due to an unhealthy attachment to my Oregon plates. 

Seriously? Red, white, and blue? Thats it? 

A few things I have learned about myself since moving to Beantown...

1. I am a little snobby when it comes to my coffee. Granted, I knew this about myself before I moved to Boston, but Dunkin' Donuts made it a bit more official. I have not given up on my search for a delicious cup of coffee just yet. 

2. The word "wicked" makes me laugh...every time. Especially when I hear a coworker say something like, "This past weekend was wicked cold," or "That was a wicked fresh lobster roll".  Let me also add that when you say something is wicked and then drop the 'r' in every word, I suddenly remember I am not in Oregon anymore. This is a good little example for ya.

3. I have been lucky enough to get to know the area fairly quickly due to my job and have stopped in some of the sweetest New England towns (NE doesn't mess around when it comes to any excuse to be patriotic - Memorial day was amazing, American flags EVERYWHERE. Kind of awesome). Adventuring around is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend time.  Lets just say one of these days this girl is going to get her antiquing(?) on. 

4. Caffeine is not as necessary to wake me up as it use to be...instead my cup of coffee has been replaced with a morning commute on the most poorly maintained roads. It's like I am awoken by an earthquake every morning. :) 

5. I am not ashamed to admit, that one of my biggest fears about my move was the beer. Yes the beer. Sam Adams? Really? I am proud to admit that after making a few safe choices in beer purchases when I first moved here (Full Sail, Ninkasi - yes I know that it's just sad that I couldn't part ways with Oregon beers) I have now tried a few New England beers! I am definitely still looking but not as scared as before. They do have some good brews! 
I am sure this list will grow over the next few months and I am so excited for that to happen. This last month has been a rough one - moving was expensive, physically and mentally exhausting, lack of familiarity hit hard, and all my routines were suddenly completely out the window. It has not been easy - but I know that I have grown and will grow from this new experience. In summary, this is going to be a wicked awesome time in my life (first and last time I will ever use that word, I promise).

Just a quick note if you are wondering what I am doing 40+ hours a week over in Boston, here is a little plug to give you a good idea. 

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