make time for.


just a little bit of paint.

When I move to a new place, I like to move in completely...this whole taking it slow with opening boxes is for the birds. I am only staying in my current apartment for a few months before moving in with my good friend Sara (a 12 month lease in Boston. Eeek!). Of course this means that I cannot unpack all my boxes and I can't really make myself at home. I do not like this. So to help in this little challenge I have begun a few projects to spiff up the room I am renting. 

Thank you cheap IKEA pot, Martha Stewart sticky stencils, and acrylic paint.
 You just brightened up my life. 

This little guy was just taped off with some blue painters tape...
couple coats later and voila!

Sara - I promise I won't get too crazy with the crafting when we move in together. :)

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